total reward Communications

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Clarion Call brings you inspiring total reward communications underpinned by reward, employee communications and copywriting expertise.

Your employee total reward package is the internal equivalent of the products and services you offer to customers. Which is why your programmes need to be promoted using the optimum blend of marketing and internal comms.

All our work begins with a session to:

  • understand your business inside and out

  • establish your reward engagement challenges

  • get to know who your employees are and what matters to them

  • ensure we know exactly what your copy needs to deliver

  • become familiar with your brand guidelines and company tone of voice

  • create a plan of action with clear measures


Total reward communications

Total reward is about more than financial benefits. Improve employee understanding of your complete package with clear communications that will help you:

  • compete in a competitive recruitment market

  • retain the employees you want to keep hold of

  • improve employee engagement and return on investment

Employee benefits communication

We combine over a decade’s reward experience with the best of marketing and internal communications to deliver clear, impactful employee benefit communications that enhance employee engagement. And deliver the best possible ROI on one of your business’ biggest expenses.

Compensation communications

How well do your employees understand the link between their compensation and their performance? If there’s room for improvement, clear communications are key to making the most of your spend. We provide a range of comms on topics including:

  • performance-related pay

  • bonuses

  • long-term incentive plans

Employee reward and recognition programme communications

Align your employee reward and recognition programme with your behavioural framework through a complete communications package. And watch your organisation’s performance soar.

Communications Training

Up skill your HR and reward teams with bespoke comms training. Designed and delivered to help your team write engaging on brand copy across the appropriate channels for your business.

Intranet & systems copywriting

When you’ve invested significant sums in a new intranet or online platform, ensuring employees take appropriate action is crucial. We blend our website copywriting and content writing expertise and apply it to the creation of online copy for all your systems with:

  • engaging words of welcome

  • quality leadership profiles

  • interesting and useful content like company news, recognition, onboarding and orientation information

  • effective calls to action that encourage employees to take the next step