Email Sequence - Busy Bins


Busy Bins wanted an email autoresponder sequence to send out to their customers. I worked with them to identify their two customer journeys and proposed two sets of emails for customers:

  1. Who hadn't taken up a service but had registered their details

    a - Reminder email - did you forget to book a bin collection?

    b - Objection handling - one week after registering

    c - Discount email - one month after registering

  2. Who had taken up a one-off bin collection service

    a - Welcome email - autoresponder on completion of order

    b - Conversion email - one week after ordering to encourage to take up a

    c - Conversion email - one month after ordering to see if they need another one-off bin collection

The emails were written in the brand voice I created - straight forward and warm with a touch of humour.


1a - Customer registered but not bought

Subject line: Go on … give us a go! / Did you forget something?

Hi <NAME>,

Thanks for registering!

We’re really pleased you’re interested in our household waste collection services.

If you meant to book a pick-up, think of this as a gentle reminder.

A single bin collection starts from as little as £9.35 and we offer discounted rates with no contract for ongoing services.

Simply sign up online, pop your bin out and we’ll get rid of your rubbish. You’ll be left with more time for the fun things in life.

[CTA link] Empty my bin / Try a one-off collection / Sign up now

Josh Morris

Owner, Busy Bins

1b - objection handling one week after registering

Subject line: “I love paying twice”, said nobody ever / Effortless rubbish removals / Go on - what have you got to lose?

Hi <NAME>,

We get it. Paying twice for your household waste to be collected is pretty rubbish.

But so are bulging bins that look awful, smell worse and attract vermin, flies and maggots.

That’s why people like Omar have turned to Busy Bins.

“It’s such a huge relief to have your bin emptied each week. Busy Bins haven’t missed a collection in two years. The service is so good that we took Busy Bins with us when we moved.” Omar

And this isn’t our only glowing report.

Put Us to the Test

We’d love you to give us a go. Dip your toe in with a one-off collection or go the whole hog with our regular service.

There’s no contract so you won’t be tied in and you can secure great discounted rates when you sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months.

[CTA link] Empty my bin / Try a one-off collection / Sign up now

We look forward to welcoming you on board,

Josh Morris

Owner, Busy Bins

1c - discount email - one month after registering

Subject line: 10% off your first order / Discount alert! /

Hi <NAME>,

Overflowing bins are no way to be welcomed home.

Try our reliable private bin collection service with 10% off your first order.

Book a one-off waste pick-up or sign up for our repeat service using this code at the checkout: <CODE>

Our customers tell us it’s worth it so why not give us a go?

“When we missed a council collection we didn't fancy emptying our bin into the car for a trip to the tip so we used Busy Bins. It was easy to book, a reasonable price and the bin is empty. Job done!” Zoe

[CTA] Empty my bin / Try a one-off collection / Sign up now

Josh Morris

Owner, Busy Bins

Customer Who Has Signed Up for a One-Off Bin Collection Only

2a - Auto-responder

Subject line: Thanks for signing up / Welcome aboard

Hi <NAME>,

Thanks for arranging your one-off Busy Bins collection.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • A guaranteed pickup on the day we agreed - just put your bin on the pavement and we’ll empty it

  • We’ll return your bin to where we found it

  • Customer services are available on 0161 776 2462 in case you have any questions

We’re sure you’ll love what we do but if you’re not sure about something or you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch.

And don’t forget to like our Facebook page where you’ll be first to hear about our news and offers.  

Josh Morris

Owner, Busy Bins

2b - conversion email one week after pick-up

Subject line: How was it for you? / We want your feedback / Give it to us straight / Want to go steady?

Hi <NAME>,

It’s been a week since your waste pick-up so we wanted to swing by and find out how how it was for you.

Rate your experience on our Facebook page or get in touch with any feedback - we’re always looking to improve and learn.

If you enjoyed our reliable, easy-to-use service and can’t bear the thought of going back to flattening your rubbish and trips to the tip, sign up for our regular bin collection service.

We offer great discounts and don’t tie you into a contract.

[CTA link] Sign up now / Let’s make this a regular thing

Josh Morris

Owner, Busy Bins

2c - conversion email two weeks before anniversary of original pick-up

Subject line: We missed you! / It’s our anniversary / It’s been a year since you left / We want you back!

Hi <NAME>,

It’s been almost a year since you used our private waste collection service.

Maybe you were holding a special event or party and had more waste than usual. Or perhaps you were having a good old clear out.

Whatever the reason, if you need our services again, we’re here to help.

Sign up online for a one-off collection or secure a great discount with our repeat pick-ups. We believe in offering a great service, not tying customers into contracts, as our five-star rating shows.

“One collection every three weeks isn’t enough for a family of five, even though we recycle. Busy Bins are brilliant and they’re always polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend them.” Mandy

[CTA link] Empty my bin / Try a one-off collection / Sign up now

Josh Morris

Owner, Busy Bins

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