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REPL are a global software development consultancy with significant expertise and an enviable client list. Based on an interview with the Head of Recruitment, this top of funnel article seeks to position REPL as a better alternative to employing individual contractors. For a whole host of reasons.


Within three weeks of publication this became REPL’s highest performing piece of content. Promoted with an email sequence, the article generated:

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REPL vs. Contractors - Which Will Work Best for Your Business?

Digital evolution requires specialist expertise. While you may have your own in-house team, sometimes you need to:

  • boost your capabilities with niche knowledge

  • find highly specific skills at short notice

  • get a project over the line by creating more capacity

You could increase your headcount. However, this can be time-consuming and slow. Particularly if you’re looking for a very specific set of skills or experience. And this doesn’t always make financial sense in the long term.

Bring someone in on a temporary contract and the onus is on you to get them up to speed ... just in time to let them go again.

Which leaves you with the option of bringing in a consultant. But which way do you go? Directly source a number of contractors yourself? Or partner with REPL to do the hard work for you and reap a range of other benefits?

Enjoy Same-Day Recruitment
When a project’s failing or you simply need someone now, super-fast recruitment is required.

You could ring around and be lucky enough to discover a local contractor with the right skill set who’s ready to go.

What’s more likely is that you’ll find the right people with no availability or the wrong people who are twiddling their thumbs - possibly for good reason. Leaving you with no contractor, a project that’s at risk and a growing list of other priorities to attend to. Working with REPL takes all this stress off your plate. With exceptionally experienced employees offering end-to-end capability and a bench of highly knowledgeable people, we can deliver the right people when you need them. Our ready-when-you-are capability has even seen us fill roles on the same day as the request.

Learn From People Who Have Been There Before

We’ve delivered for major global brands across a wide range of digital products. But don’t just take our word for it.

Before deciding who to hire, look for case studies relevant to your project.

REPL has multiple examples showcasing our delivery for some of the biggest names in retail:

Not only does these illustrations give you the assurance that you’re working with experts, but it means you can be confident our people have a wealth of experience to draw on.

Although knowledge is power, it’s not something we hoard. Our experts are keen to share their insights with your in-house teams.

Does this mean you might not need to employ our consultants again? Possibly. But as a large consultancy firm, we can afford to share our expertise in return for long-term relationships that provide value to both sides.

Reduce Your Liability

Whether you’re hiring the services of one project manager or a whole team of business analysts, you need to know who’s liable for what.

With REPL, all our contracts come complete with a professional services agreement that sets out exactly what you can expect. We’ll agree what’s in and out-of-scope, providing you with a legally binding and commercially-focussed approach to hiring in expertise.

This means your work is guaranteed to be delivered, with REPL carrying any risk on your behalf.

If a project looks like it might overrun, it’s down to us to fix the problem or carry the cost burden. Not something that a stand-alone contractor can match.

Access Extensive Knowledge Networks

Technical projects have a tendency to open up a can of worms, particularly where legacy systems are involved.

We’re confident that our people will provide pioneering solutions to your digital challenges. But if they ever hit a snag, they’re backed up by a broad and deep pool of expertise.

Being able to tap into REPL’s wider knowledge network means your business will benefit as

clever solutions are quickly found for even the most obscure problems.

A Workforce That’s Trained For You

Bringing someone new into your team often carries a risk. Will they be up-to-date with the latest technologies? Will they have any skills gaps that need to be filled?

REPL mitigates this threat by working with you to understand your needs. This enables us to match people with the right skills and competencies to your business.

Moving to an agile methodology? We train the people we provide so they deliver quantifiable results fast. Introducing new technology or systems? We upskill our employees to ensure they’re an invaluable part of your team.

Work With the Right People Not Just the Right Skill Set

We know our people. We know our clients. And we believe that personality is as important as expertise when finding the right person for your job.

To find the right match, we ask three key questions:

  • does the person have the right skills and experience to do the job?

  • will they fit the client’s culture?

  • is this the right opportunity at the right time for this individual?

If the answer to all three questions is yes, we know we’ve got the right person for the role.

By being highly transparent with our employees and clients, we ensure everyone’s happy with the arrangements. Which makes for high levels of engagement and performance and even better project outcomes.

Quality Employees Wherever in the World You Are

Delivering successful work in different countries means having a good understanding of the culture, language and legacy technology. REPL has local employees around the globe so we can deliver on all three fronts.

That’s definitely not something a self-employed consultant can provide.

Whatever your digital recruitment challenge, with REPL you’re guaranteed a positive response. We have the human resources with the right skills, personality and drive to ensure your project’s success. All you need to do is get in touch.

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