I’m Committing To Curiosity for 2017 – How About You?

I’m Committing To Curiosity for 2017 – How About You?

You see that list of new year’s resolutions you’ve got next to you?  Scrap it. Tear it up, throw it in the bin, hit delete. You probably weren’t going to do most of it any way.

Now, start 2017 again.  Only this time, instead of a list of actions, pick a single, helpful mindset to nurture.

Not sure where to start?  Think about what held you back in 2016.  Did your perfectionist tendencies prevent you from getting work out on time?  Are you an over-achiever who always feels they should be doing better? Or are you always doing things for other people at a cost to yourself?

Fear versus Curiosity

For me, an over-achiever with perfectionist tendencies (bad combination), fear was my arch enemy.  

I started a new career in 2016 with a wavering certainty fluctuating between ‘everything will be alright’ to, ‘oh crap, how am I going to pay my bills?!’  Both these thoughts sent me into the same pattern of behaviour – rushing, trying to over-achieve and setting unreasonable objectives.

So, instead of repeating this pattern by writing a list of big hairy goals for 2017, I have decided to commit to curiosity.  

A new mindset for a new year

Instead of worrying about what I’m doing, I am going to be curious.  ‘I wonder what will happen if…’, is a much nicer thought than ‘I really need to secure some new clients otherwise I can’t pay my mortgage.’  Whilst the latter might be true, it’s certainly not helpful.

‘I wonder…’ and ‘It will be interesting to…’ will be my new mantras for the year.  As in:

  • I wonder how many interesting people I’ll meet at tonight’s event?

  • It will be interesting to see the response rate for these new business communications.

  • I love that lampshade but there are none left on the shelf.  I wonder if they could take down the display item for me to buy? (They could and I did!)

  • It will be interesting to see what the client thinks of my first draft.

Still the same me

But this isn’t about changing completely.  After all, being a perfectionist achiever can be positive because things get done to a high standard.  It’s more about finding a helpful way to approach life that’s fun, non-judgemental and open-minded.

So, whatever your Achilles heel, seek out your own helpful mindset and let’s see where 2017 takes us.

With massive thanks to Thora, at the Is It Helpful clinic, for all her coaching support to identify a helpful way forwards for 2017.

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